Three-step instructions for member registration

“UNLOCK” MEMBERSHIP - 3 STEP CLICK TKX Mart - the online supermarket belonging to XIXO Ecosytem has become so familiar with thousands of products from different distributors, of the world's top quality such as: Apple, Dell, Canon, Samsung, LG, Sony, Gold Sun,...

How to become a member? What benefits do members get?

With just 3 simple STEPs, you have the whole world in your hands!

When becoming a member at TKX Mart, users will find all kinds of items from digital products, home appliances, electrical goods to home care tools, health care equipment, food and food. ,...all are available here with special offers and attractive prices for you to choose from.

With the criteria: Simple - Convenient - Fast, we will definitely provide the best services for users to have a satisfied experience. With just 3 steps, you can own the "features" never before found in other traditional supermarkets such as:

  • Always ready to serve, meet all needs of consumers 24/7
  • Prestigious brand - Quality products
  • Convenient, fast and diverse form of payment by TKX, USDT, VND, ....
  • Distribution and delivery network covering the whole country
  • Integrating many activities: not only trading but also auctioning, .....
  • There are regular promotions, discounts, attractive gift redemption programs, ....
  • Putting users' trust first, TKX Mart will fulfill its responsibility!

Join and become our "family" at: Click here để đăng ký thành viên

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